Letter Writing

Kids and Letter Writing

On this dreary winter day I just wanted to share an article I recently came across from Hallmark (the greeting card people) on tips for teaching kids to write letters. It provided a ray of sunshine in the hopes that maybe some parents will take the importance of letter writing to heart and begin to instill that same feeling in their kids, at a young age.

The title of the article started “Beyond Texting”, which got me thinking; I bet most kids think texting and sending messages is THE way to communicate. Some probably have no idea how to write and mail a letter.

This article is perfect! Not only does it give the basics of writing a letter, it also gives a few tips on how we can get our youngsters excited about it! The article ends with 10 suggested books for kids about letter writing. I’m thinking of getting “Snail Mail” by Samantha Berger, and “Ten Thank-You Letters” by Daniel Kirk.

Here’s a link to the article; it’s a quick read. “Beyond Texting”. I know I’m guilty of letting my kids send thank you messages via texting or on some social media platform when they were little. Shame on me! They should have been writing and mailing thank you notes. I will have to make sure to encourage my grandkids to write thank you letters.

How about you? Will you sit down and help your kids or grandkids write a thank you note??

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