Welcome to Letters in Time.  I hope you find inspiration to sit down and write a nice long letter!

Please take a minute to read by Blog.  I hope to provide witty and wise commentary on why it is important to take a minute, slow down, and put pen to paper and write a letter.  Along the way, I will also provide insight into “who” I am, so you can better understand the “why” behind my blog.  I also hope to inspire you to start a journal.  I believe that writing in a journal helps us to organize our thoughts and feelings, which in turn can lead to being able to sit down and write more letters (see a theme here?).  And, finally, full disclosure – I have two shops on Etsy where I sell blank cards.  Blank cards so that you can do what?  Write more letters!  I’d appreciate it if you’d check out my shops:

Hilltop Paper Studios

Anchors Aweigh Studios