About This Blog

Letters in Time came about for many reasons.  I enjoy writing, and needed an avenue to get the words out of my head.  I enjoy being creative and getting messy with paint, crayons, ink, paper, you name it, and needed somewhere I could share my creations.  I kept finding so many inspirational quotes, on Pinterest, Facebook, emails, and I needed somewhere to share them.  I enjoy taking pictures, and needed a reason to take even more.  But mostly, I wanted to somehow get the word out that we still need to write letters.  In a world where we text, Snap Chat, instant message the heck out of everyone, I feel the need to impart the importance of taking the time to write and send handwritten letters.  Here’s why. . .

While recently cleaning out the basement of the home my parents built, and I grew up in, I found several boxes of old letters; letters my mom and dad had written to each other, letters my grandmother and written to my dad, and letters my dad had written home to his parents while he was serving in WWII.  I brought them home and have slowly been reading them.  I find that when I read the letters my dad wrote, I can hear his voice again.  I can picture him as a 17-year-old boy who grew up in a very small town taking the train by himself, through Chicago and on to Ann Arbor.  I can picture him playing Pinochle for cokes with a bunch of swell guys, or how he wanted to make sure the car was running when he came home for a visit so he could drive into town.

Now, imagine if he hadn’t written those letters. . .


In an age where we are in such a hurry to communicate our every feeling, with emojis and a few quick letters in a text, we need to slow down, take time, and write a letter.  I’m afraid that if we don’t, there won’t be any more “letters in time”.

This blog will be about letter writing.  Hopefully it will inspire you to sit down and write a letter.