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You Rock!

It’s time to get back to blogging! Summer is always a busy time for me (I’m thinking I might be a “seasonal blogger”), but today I’d like to share a fun project that I completed last week. This was a custom order for someone special, and even though I put in some long hours to finish it on time, I had a blast putting it together!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a couple of shops on Etsy where I sell cards that I make. One “line” of cards I have on Hilltop Paper Studios uses stones I collected from the shore of Lake Superior. I grew up in a small town on Lake Superior and have always loved collecting rocks, especially the round, flat ones. I have a few buckets full in my flower garden, hauled from over 500 miles away (my husband was NOT happy).

As I sat on the shore one chilly fall day about 3 years ago, I started to wonder how I could incorporate them into the cards that I make. Obviously, the big, round ones I have in my flower garden would be too heavy (well. . . ???), so I carefully selected a couple pocket fulls of smaller, flat stones and brought them home.

Lake Superior
The shore of Lake Superior where the stones were gathered from

It took awhile, but I finally came up with an idea, and my Lake Superior stone cards were born!

Lake Superior Stone Cards
Some of my Lake Superior Stone cards on Etsy

Now, to the project I shipped out last week. I put together 20 “You Rock” cards, with a custom message inside.

Hand lettered Lake Superior Stones
“You Rock” cards all set for shipping
Card close-up

This order got me thinking; I could do a lot more custom Lake Superior stone cards. Or, if someone has rocks from their special place, I’d be happy to incorporate them into a project for them!

If you’d like to see more of my Lake Superior stone cards, check them out here. And, PLEASE, if you have an idea for a custom card, send me a message!



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